Gold Coast Cultural Garden Competition

Year 2013

“Culture on the Edge”

“They indulged in the fantasy without thinking how silly it was. That’s what I liked about the Gold Coast, the blossoming of all these different fantasies, how they all merged together, got mixed up and became strange new hybrids.”

Novelist, Matthew Condon, in A night at the Pink Poodle (1995:41) wrote about the Gold Coast as a strange alchemy

Design philosophy

On the edge between sea and sky………..

The Gold Coast Culture Centre provides a new perspective for the cultural landscape of the Gold Coast floating in the landscape between sea and sky on an edge of the earth looking towards the infinite blue horizon.

Our proposal is to a create cultural centre of gravity in an innovative built form that both preserves and reinterprets the unique beach identity of the Gold Coast highlighting its environmental assets in a deep green signature design, where the ‘public realm’ is both an iconic marker for the project and a social space for the city.

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