Cattle Hill Wind Farm Visual Impact Assessment

Location Lake Echo, Central Highlands TAS
Client NP Power Pty Ltd
Project Duration 2009 – 2010

Cattle Hill Wind Farm proposes to introduce up to 100 large wind turbines to a remote rural site in central Tasmania. The site and surrounding region includes grazing and forestry land with an extensive history in hydro-electric power production.

The project involved investigating potential visual impacts from the Wind Farm on key settlements and recreational areas in the region including historic Waddamana Village, new residential developments and boating and fishing amenities on Lake Echo. Context completed a comprehensive on-site visual impact assessment in conjunction with a detailed 3d computer based analysis using customised wind farm analysis software that modelled the turbines within the landscape in order to determine the visual outcomes.

The study also assessed data from community consultation and analysis of the extensive cultural and heritage elements that permeate the local landscape, which provide a strong precedent for renewable and sustainable energy production in the region.

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